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OmniVoice Local Phone, Long Distance, and High Speed Internet

Ohio Telecom can fulfill all the technology needs in your home!  Our company offers you a bundled Phone/High Speed Internet product that provides unlimited local and long distance calling in the United States and Canada through OmniVoice ; plus high speed internet. This bundled product is extremely affordable and provides excellent quality to the homeowner. (see “Why should I choose OmniVoice?” below.)


Why Should I Choose OmniVoice? (FAQ)

What exactly are OmniVoice phone lines?
The simple answer is OmniVoice is “using the internet to make calls.” A more complete description is using “voice communications offered over internet protocol.”(IP) This means sending voice information in digital form in discrete packets rather than in the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switched telephone network. (PSTN)
Why would I want to use the internet to make phone calls?
Frankly, for one HUGE reason. You can save money!!!!!! Lots of it!!!!!!
How does the quality compare to regular phone lines?
Instead of call going directly over the internet, Ohio Telecom routes your calls through our local switch, plus we prioritize voice communications over data. That process increases the odds that your calls will sound more like regular phone lines. Thus, some of our customers say there is little difference in sound quality than what they had before. Other customers say it is similar to their cell phone quality. In other words, most of the time the sound quality is fine, but occasionally there may be a lesser quality that may result in some static or delay.
What can cause a lesser quality?
When you surf the internet, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes your internet connection is faster than at other times, depending on the overall amount of usage going on at that time. Well, the same can occasionally be true of phone calls using internet protocol. If you have children in your home who play computer games, they may be taking up a large percentage of your internet bandwidth during that time. If so, your phone call quality could be less during that time. The same can be said if you have a home office, and you upload or download large files that take up a large amount of internet bandwidth. If you have wireless in your home, another example is that sometimes a neighbor can be picking up your internet bandwidth. Also, remember this is the internet. So, if your electric power goes out, then your phones won’t work.
What are the cost savings of OmniVoice compared to regular phone lines?
Probably significant!!! With Ohio Telecom’s OmniVoice, you will receive a bundled monthly rate for phone and internet which includes FREE, unlimited local and long distance calling in the United States and Canada. Some customers tell us they save hundreds of dollars per year!!
How am I billed?
You can have your monthly OmniVoice charges billed directly to your credit or debit card. You pay the same amount each month. Since there are no long distance charges, you’ll have no more stacks of billing charges that are hard to decipher and take up all that room on your desk!!
What about national companies that offer ridiculously low rates?
These days you can find “national companies” that will offer internet phone calls for next to nothing. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll get in terms of quality. Plus, you’ll get no customer support or service. These cheap VoIP companies run their calls directly over the public internet where they bounce around multiple networks with zero quality control. No one is managing your calls. With Ohio Telecom, Inc. we direct your OmniVoice phone calls through our local switch first. Thus, you will receive a quality, full supported and managed service that is still much less expensive than your current, regular phone lines.

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